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What you'll need to drive in St Lucia 


All drivers need a valid Drivers License from their country of residence.

  • Visitor's Driving Permit (Your OCR rep will have one)

  • Contact information for your stay in St Lucia

  • A completed and signed rental contract/agreement

  • Optional 'Extra Protection Waiver'*

Your licence

Drivers must be 25 years of age or over, and must have had a valid driver's license for no less than two years issued in the renter's country of residence.. 

Local driver permit

A local permit is mandatory for all non-residents, but you don't need to worry about getting one as we'll sort that our for you.  Your visitor’s driving permit gives you permission to drive the same type of vehicle you drive at home,. Each permit cost USD $21.00 and is valid for three months. If you're staying for more than three months in St Lucia you can renew your permit easily.


All our vehicles are insured and cover passengers and third party accidents. Our insurers are M & C General Insurance Agency.

*Extra Protection Waiver (EPW)

The optional Extra Protection Waiver (EPW) is available and recommended to all customers at USD $10.00 per day.

Please note that EPW. is not insurance but a simple waiver that reduces your liability. If you accept EPW, you'll only be liable for damages up to USD $500.00 if the vehicle is operational as stated in the rental agreement. 

If you decline the EPW you will be fully responsible for any and all damages up to USD2000.00 regardless of who is at fault. The EPW does not cover damage to rims, tyres, tools, windscreen, damaged or lost keys or cigarette burns to upholstery.

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Other Charges


Additional drivers

There is a one-time payment of USD $10.00 (excluding the local permit) for additional drivers.


Any other additional charges are based on customer/hirer requests or any 'add-on's' that you apply when you make your reservation.


A minimum fee of USD $50.00 will be applied if the vehicle returned needs extensive cleaning due to smoking, liquid stains, or any other residue.


Gas/petrol and baby seats are extra charges that may be added to your bill. 


We accept VISA, MasterCard, & PayPal.  Advance payment or deposit required. Chargeable credit card must stay on file for rental period.


All cancellations made after you've picked up a vehicle will incur a 40% charge on the balance due for the remainder of the rental period.

Late charges

Late returns will incur a charge of USD$20 for each hour after the first two hours. You will be charged for a full day if you're more than two hours late in returning the vehicle.

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